Oster Hair Clipper Replacement Parts & Accessories

Regular maintenance with genuine Oster hair clipper parts ensures years of trouble-free operation. The following video features an Oster Classic 76 professional hair clipper servicing and parts replacement walkthrough.

Hair Clipper Motors

Magnetic, pivot and rotary are the three most common types of motors used in most hair clippers. Magnetic motors are typically found in lower end hair clippers available in most discount retail outlets. The cutting action in a magnetic motor driven clipper is generated by a magnetic field moving the armature component one direction while a compression spring sends the armature back in the other direction. The armature is what moves the non-stationary blade back and forth. Over time, magnetic motors tend to need power adjusting to keep the cutting action consistent. These types of clippers would not be ideal for cutting wet hair due to insufficient cutting power.

A pivot motor can provide up to twice as much cutting power as a magnetic motor. A magnetic motor, in reality, only drives the armature in one direction whereas a pivot motor drives it in both. With the additional power stroke, pivot motor driven hair clippers are ideal for thick and wet hair. There is usually no oiling or power adjusting needed. Pivot motor driven clippers are generally maintenance free and last for years.

Rotary motor based clippers provide heavy duty, powerful cutting action that is clean, consistent and smooth. Most Oster brand professional series clippers, including the Oster Classic 76, utilize rotary motors. With rotary motor driven clippers, you can expect years of reliable usage with minimal maintenance.

Listed below are the most common Oster Classic 76 replacement parts available for when it does need to be serviced.

Oster Hair Clipper Tune-up KitOster A5 & 76 1-Speed Clipper Tune-up Kit

This tune-up kit includes some of the most common user serviceable parts available for the Oster Classic 76 and A5 clippers. It includes genuine carbon brush & spring assemblies, lever, fiber gear, washer, link, clipper grease and instructions with take apart details and diagrams. Although intended for self servicing, it may be ideal to enlist the help of a clipper repair service if you are not mechanically inclined or used to servicing small electronic or mechanical devices.

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Oster Classic 76 HingeReplacement Hinge

The hinge is an essential component of the Classic 76 clipper. The detachable blades are held in place with the hinge. It is spring loaded to firmly secure the blade to the clipper. It is made of durable steel.

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Blade LeverOster Classic 76 Lever

The lever is the component that actually moves the blade. It is sometimes refered to as the tongue. Replacing the lever requires partial disassembly of the clipper housing.

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Carbon BrushesCarbon Brushes

To ensure the best possible motor performance, carbon brushes should periodically be inspected and replaced as needed. When the square section of the brush nears the round section or cap then it is time for some new carbon brushes. It is recommended that brushes be replaced in pairs.

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Power CordPower Cord

A replacement power cord should be installed by someone familiar with servicing small electrical appliances or at an authorized Oster service center.

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